Herbotany Health are proud to announce that we have been published in an online production in The Mirror this week! This latest feature comes off the back of our feature in The Independent last week, and focuses on the feel good, wellness aspect of our brand.

Herbotany Health x The Mirror

To try and inspire readers to try something new and innovative to add to their health and wellness routine this year, The Mirror lists 10 products and services on the market today to consider.

The feature of Herbotany Health focuses on our premium, organic and sustainable products and brand ethos to create superior CBD products that are good for the planet.

Premium CBD

CBD comes from the hemp plant, and so as a natural product the right variety and quality of hemp is paramount to give a premium final product. Here at Herbotany Health, we only use natural, USDA certified organic hemp to extract our premium CBD.

We also test our CBD rigorously three times through third party labs to ensure the purity of our premium products is verified. The cornerstones of trust that our consumers place in us is down to this traceability and transparency that we show throughout our production process.

Naturia Plus™ 

We are also proud to enjoy the exclusive UK rights to use the patented Naturia Plus™ delivery system in our formulations, which increases effectiveness and efficiency compared to any other product on the market.


We are passionate about hemp as an ecologically sustainable crop, with its many different uses and strong and durable fibre, and believe it is a crucial tool we can use in the fight against climate change. We grow our hemp in the blue-grass state of Kentucky, which has rich and fertile soil and is known for its blue limestone water.

We also produce our cardboard with a minimum of 80% recycled pulp. This is the highest possible percentage of recycled pulp that you can produce functional packaging with and our cardboard box packaging is 100% recyclable and 100% compostable. 

Please visit our Sustainability page to find out more.

You can read the full article from The Mirror here https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/health/promo-code-offer-save-money-26237956

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