Herbotany Health is a sustainable hemp company based in the UK, with partnerships in the US. In the early days two friends, Danny and Paul, agreed that their penchant for quality, luxury items, wasn’t being satisfied by what was on offer in the UK CBD market.

Sustainability is a perspective passionately shared by the friends. Paul’s 30 years’ experience in recycling has shaped his opinion on the environmental benefits. Thoughtful conversations between the two friends, spurred an unbridled determination to start an ecologically friendly, hemp company. They set out to create the quality, luxury CBD products they wanted to use and see on the shelves themselves.

Keenly aware of the varying range and spectacularly diverse uses of hemp, Danny and Paul were geared to parent a company that combined the genetics of environmental conscientiousness, cannabis research and education, with a wealth of expertise. With ardent research for the perfect candidate, a successful connection was made with Dave, a UK born, Kentucky based cannabis expert.

Dave has a military background and following the commencement of his service, he suffered from PTSD. In an effort to manage his symptoms, he sought medicinal respite in a wide range of cannabinoids which were available to him in the US. From there, his ability to continue with daily life burgeoned a fervent career in hemp production and genetics. He now operates from a subterranean hemp cultivation site in a repurposed limestone mine in Kentucky.

In light of Dave’s expansive experience with cannabinoids in the US and historical roadblocks to access and information when he lived in the UK, Herbotany Health was the agent to ignite a harmonious collaboration between lived experience, education, luxury and quality CBD content. Danny and Paul successfully obtained their hemp farming licence in 2019, and proudly have a 500 acres cultivation site in the UK. This facility is the heart and soul of Herbotany Health products, where collaborations with the US organic production, care and passion, resulted in the finest products on the market.

Herbotany Health is the consequence of proactively realising Danny and Paul’s shared vision of sustainability and the result is quality-bustling products, dressed in luxury. Herbotany Health set out to build a sumptuous brand that delivers on the unison between excellence in contents and the manner they’re presented. Top-notch CBD genetics, in a sleek, English heritage style package. A business that has now successfully extended itself to facilitate Danny and Paul’s passions for sustainability, while representing products containing highly quality controlled, premium ingredients.

This wide range of knowledge and experience the team have accumulated is a point of honour and privilege they cannot wait to share with consumers. Herbotany Health is a passion fuelled company, thrilled to bring you along the luxurious journey.