Herbotany Health in The Independent

Herbotany Health are proud to announce that we have been featured in an online listing on The Independent! 

The Independent’s latest production

The online newspaper www.independent.co.uk have today released a new production titled ‘10 great products to boost your wellness and beauty regime’, which Herbotany Health have been featured in.

The online production focuses on our premium, organic and sustainable production methods to create a superior CBD product range. 

Increased effectiveness and efficiency with Herbotany Health

Through our use of organic hemp, sustainable business practices, and our patented delivery method, Naturia Plus™, we have differentiated ourselves and our products to give increased effectiveness and efficiency compared to any other product on the market. 

By biomimicking a natural process of the human body, Naturia+ organically improves absorption by at least 2x more than the leading competitor. Better absorption equals better results, whilst using less of the product.

We are super proud of this feature on the Independent, the national online newspaper, and see it as great testament to our product range.

Where can you read it?

Read the full production here which features other great products and companies too https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/10-great-products-to-boost-your-wellness-and-beauty-regimen-b2012431.html

As an exclusive offer to readers, you can also get 25% off all products using code HHIND25.