Herbotany Health is a sustainable hemp company based in the UK, with partnerships in the US. 


The company was born when two friends, Danny and Paul, mutually agreed that their desire for quality, luxury items, wasn’t being satisfied by what was on offer in the CBD market in the UK. 

Danny and Paul decided to invest in the intensive research required to create the high quality CBD products they wanted to see and use on the shelves themselves. Aware of the varying range and diverse uses of hemp, the friends were geared to parent a company that combined the genetics of environmental conscientiousness, cannabis research and education, with a wealth of expertise.

Sustainability is a perspective passionately shared by the friends. Paul’s 30 years’ experience in recycling has shaped his opinion on the environmental benefits. Thoughtful conversations between the two friends, spurred an unbridled determination to start an ecologically friendly, hemp company. 

Cross-continental effort

With ardent investigation for the perfect candidate, Danny’s brother-in-law, an experienced UK hemp farmer, suggested they connect with Dave, a UK born, Kentucky-based, cannabis expert. And so Herbotany Health bloomed into a cross-continental effort.

Before working in the cannabis industry, Dave was an operative in the special forces. Following the commencement of his tenure with the branch, he suffered from PTSD and sought medicinal respite in a wide range of cannabinoids that were available to him in the US. He now works in hemp production and genetics and operates from a subterranean hemp cultivation site in a repurposed limestone mine in Kentucky. 

The vision

In light of Dave’s expansive experience with cannabinoids in the US and historical roadblocks to access and information when he lived in the UK, Herbotany Health was the agent to ignite a harmonious collaboration between lived experience, education, luxury and quality. Dave’s personal experience of the benefits of cannabinoids and his desire for positive change in cannabis education couldn’t have foreseen a more perfect opportunity coming his way. 

Danny, Paul, and Dave share a strength of vision that not only transcends an exceptional and luxurious consumer experience but intends to push the boundaries of progressive social equity, sustainability plans, and quality initiatives in the UK. 

Changing the CBD landscape

Herbotany Health is driven to ensure that accurate forms of research and development are undertaken by academic and scientific bodies. Why? To assist government bodies with sustainable regulatory policy for hemp and CBD products in the UK. We trust in the merits of analytical based learning. 

The ability to gather and digest accurate information on varying products and different cannabinoids, is imperative for an honest consumer experience. Herbotany Health is delighted to provide products that reflect the necessity for an open-honest relationship between consumer and business. 

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry

Herbotany Health is one of the founding members of the Association of the Cannabinoid Industry. 

As stated on their website, “The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) is the UK’s membership organisation for businesses committed to nurturing a safe, legal and flourishing commercial cannabis extract market. Our vision is to create an innovative and ethical sector with the highest standards of product quality, consumer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.”

Herbotany Health’s values and core beliefs align with what the ACI stands for, and together we will continue to work to create a safely regulated CBD industry for consumers, cultivators, and retailers.

The future

Herbotany Health is the consequence of wanting to see a sustainable vision, reflected in a luxurious, quality bustling, educational package. The wide range of knowledge and experience the team have accumulated is a point of honour and privilege they cannot wait to share with consumers. 

As for what began as two friends chatting about hemp and sustainability, perusing the UK shelves and catching nothing that appealed to their fondness for the splendid things in life, has amounted to a passion fuelled company, thrilled to bring you along our luxurious ride.